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    Știri Lancia

    After Going For A Ride In The Kimera EVO37, You Might Want To You Sell Your Home For One https://www.carscoops.com/2021/09/after-going-for-a-ride-in-the-kimera-evo37-you-might-want-to-you-sell-your-home-for-one/ 2028 Lancia Delta: Here’s What We Know And Hope For The Premium Italian Hatchback’s Revival https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/2028-lancia-delta-heres-what-we-know-and-hope-for-the-premium-italian-hatchbacks-revival/ Stellantis’ New Product Plans Show Alfa Romeo Going Full Electric By 2027, No New Chrysler Before 2023 https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/stellantis-new-product-plans-show-alfa-romeo-going-full-electric-by-2027-no-new-chrysler-before-2023/ The Lister Bell STR Is A Road Legal Lancia Rally Replica That Stays Close To Its Roots https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/the-lister-bell-str-is-a-road-legal-lancia-rally-replica-that-stays-close-to-its-roots/ Stellantis’ New Slogans Really Suck, Can You Do Better? https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/stellantis-new-slogans-really-suck-can-you-do-better/ Lancia Reportedly Working On Three New Models, Including SUV https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/lancias-renaissance-to-start-with-ypsilons-successor-followed-by-a-crossover-and-maybe-a-hatchback/ The Lancia Ypsilon Has Just Spawned An Electric Scooter https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/the-lancia-ypsilon-has-just-spawned-an-electric-scooter/ Stellantis Gives Lancia A New Lease Of Life, Appoints New Design Director https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/stellantis-gives-lancia-a-new-lease-of-life-appoints-new-design-director/ Legendary Lancia 037 Returns As A Modern Supercar From Kimera Automobili https://www.carscoops.com/2021/04/legendary-lancia-037-returns-as-a-modern-supercar-from-kimera-automobili/ Modern Interpretation Of The Delta Reimagines Lancia’s Glorious Past https://www.carscoops.com/2021/03/modern-interpretation-of-the-delta-reimagines-lancias-glorious-past/ Alfa Romeo, Lancia To Receive Major Investment Under Stellantis, Group Chairman Says https://www.carscoops.com/2021/03/alfa-romeo-lancia-to-receive-major-investment-under-stellantis-group-chairman-says/ 1969 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF Competizione Is The Only One Of Its Kind https://www.carscoops.com/2021/03/1969-lancia-fulvia-1600-hf-competizione-is-the-only-one-of-its-kind/ Stellantis Starts Work On Jointly Developed Alfa Romeo, DS And Lancia Models https://www.carscoops.com/2021/02/stellantis-starts-work-on-jointly-developed-alfa-romeo-ds-and-lancia-models/ Lancia Lives On As Aging Ypsilon Gets Another Facelift https://www.carscoops.com/2021/02/lancia-lives-as-the-aging-ypsilon-has-been-given-a-facelift/ Lancia To Live On In The Stellantis Era As A Premium Brand https://www.carscoops.com/2021/01/lancia-to-live-on-in-the-stellantis-era-as-a-premium-brand/ Italian Designer Seeks To Resurrect The Delta With S4 Racer-Inspired Styling https://www.carscoops.com/2021/01/italian-designer-seeks-to-resurrect-the-delta-with-s4-racer-inspired-styling/ Independent Designer Reinvents The Lancia Stratos As A Modern Supercar https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/independent-designer-reinvents-the-lancia-stratos-as-a-modern-supercar/
  3. Limited-Run Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro Coming To Australia Priced From AU$31,450 https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/limited-run-abarth-595-scorpioneoro-coming-to-australia-for-au31450/ Fiat Punto Successor Confirmed For 2023 Based On PSA-Group Platform https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/fiat-punto-successor-confirmed-for-2023-based-on-psa-group-platform/ Stellantis’ New Product Plans Show Alfa Romeo Going Full Electric By 2027, No New Chrysler Before 2023 https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/stellantis-new-product-plans-show-alfa-romeo-going-full-electric-by-2027-no-new-chrysler-before-2023/ Can The Tesla Model X Beat An 83 HP Fiat Panda Cross In An Off-Roading Competition? https://www.carscoops.com/2021/08/can-the-tesla-model-x-beat-an-83-hp-fiat-panda-cross-in-an-off-roading-competition/ 2022 Fiat Pulse Is A Budget-Friendly ‘Baby’ Crossover For South America https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/fiat-pulse-is-a-budget-b-suv-for-south-america-with-tech-filled-interior/ The Fiat Multipla Might Just Be The Quirkiest Car Ever Made https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/the-fiat-multipla-might-just-be-the-quirkiest-car-ever-made/ Abarth Announces All Its Models Will Be Electric From 2024 https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/abarth-announces-all-its-models-will-be-electric-from-2024/ Stellantis’ New Slogans Really Suck, Can You Do Better? https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/stellantis-new-slogans-really-suck-can-you-do-better/ Posher Fiat 500 And 500X Yachting Editions Drop Their Tops And Get Wood https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/posher-fiat-500-and-500x-yachting-editions-drop-their-tops-and-get-wood/ 2021 Fiat Ducato Receives Some Minor Visual Tweaks And New Tech https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/2021-fiat-ducato-receives-some-minor-visual-tweaks-and-new-tech/ Renault Concept Car Designer Francois Leboine Joins Fiat And Abarth As New Head Of Design https://www.carscoops.com/2021/05/renault-concept-car-designer-francois-leboine-joins-fiat-and-abarth-as-new-head-of-design/ 2021 Fiat Tipo Becomes Sportier With New £20,695 Trim Level In The UK https://www.carscoops.com/2021/05/2021-fiat-tipo-becomes-sportier-with-new-20695-trim-level-in-the-uk/ Mexico’s 2021 Fiat Mobi Launches From The Equivalent Of $8,600 https://www.carscoops.com/2021/03/mexicos-2021-fiat-mobi-launches-from-the-equivalent-of-8600/
  4. Fiat Chrysler Wants To Bring New Models To The Market Faster https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/fiat-chrysler-wants-to-bring-new-models-to-the-market-faster/ FCA-PSA Merger Could Put European Factories In Danger https://www.carscoops.com/2019/11/fca-psa-merger-could-put-european-factories-in-danger/ PSA-FCA CEO Carlos Tavares Suggests No Brands Will Be Cut In Mega Merger https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/psa-fca-ceo-carlos-tavares-suggests-no-brands-will-be-cut-in-mega-merger/ FCA Passenger Cars Reportedly Switching To PSA Platforms https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/fca-passenger-cars-reportedly-switching-to-psa-platforms/ FCA And PSA Boards Sign Off On $50 Billion Merger https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/fca-and-psa-boards-sign-off-on-50-billion-merger/
  5. FCA Heritage at the “Auto e Moto d’Epoca 2017” show: The 34th edition of Italy's most important classic car show is being held in Padua from 26 to 29 October. FCA Heritage is a strong presence with the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands, represented by five gems that have shaped the brands' history. The modern Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and Abarth 124 Spider are also on the stand. The show has always been the key event for enthusiasts and collectors, in Italy and beyond. FCA Heritage is in Padua for the first time with the four Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands, united on a single, large stand with 2 current models and 5 historic cars. The stand thus provides visitors with the dual opportunity to admire the both the brands' past and their present. There could be no better way of strongly reinforcing these legendary brands' unique character: a heritage made up of cars and engineers, races and engines, that shaped technological progress and the history of racing during the last century. At the 2017 edition of the "Auto e Moto d'Epoca" show, the guiding theme of the stand is a selection of cars (Alfa Romeo 33.3 Le Mans, Fiat 525 SS and Lancia Aprilia) recently restored by the Heritage team of highly skilled mechanics to take part in some of the biggest events on the international calendar, including the Mille Miglia and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Alongside these splendid cars, now fully functioning again, the display includes a rare Fiat 124 Abarth Rally Gr. 4 in yellow-blue Olio Fiat livery - from a private collection, and just awarded the Authenticity Certificate issued by the Abarth Classiche engineers - and a Lancia Aprilia, recently acquired by the Department with the aim of returning it to its original splendour. Visitors to the stand will be able to acquire detailed information about the certification and restoration services that FCA Heritage offers enthusiasts, also available on the www.fcaheritage.com web platform. The portal is intended to be the go-to place for everyone interested in the history, events and activities revolving around the classic cars of the Group's Italian brands. On the website, enthusiasts can sign up for the FCA Heritage Newsletter to remain up-to-date on the activities and services made available for the various brands of the group. Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia classic car owners can apply for "Certificates of Origin" for their cars. The owners of historic Lancia and Abarth brand cars will also be able to request details of the "Authenticity Certificates" and restoration services offered by the FCA Heritage Officine Classiche. The reproductions of the use and maintenance manuals of some of the most evocative Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo brand cars, soon to go on sale on the web portal, will also be presented at the show. The other innovation featured is the new Selenia Classic, an engine oil range which combines the use of modern technologies with a passion for vintage cars and the graphics of the historic Olio Fiat and Selenia Alfa Romeo oil cans. Produced in partnership with PETRONAS, the new Selenia Classic engine oils will be on sale from 2018 at FCA Group Authorised Dealerships. Last but not least, visitors will be granted a look at two exciting current production models: the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and the new Abarth 124 Spider, cars designed to guarantee thrilling performances and the utmost driving pleasure. On the stand of the Automobile Club d'Italia and ACI Storico - dedicated this year to "Gran Premio d'Italia - Monza Experience" - they will see a gorgeous Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 tipo "Monza" (1931) from the Alfa Romeo Museum (dubbed "The Time Machine") in Arese. Alfa Romeo 33.3 Le Mans (1970) The 33.3 with six-speed gearbox is the development of the previous "two-litre" version. It was fitted out with a 2998 cc, V8 engine with four valves and indirect injection and delivered 400 HP at 8000 rpm. The monocoque bodyshell chassis was formed by aluminium and titanium panels with a wheelbase practically the same as the 33.2. Its top speed was 330 km/h, and it was the 1971 version that collected the highest number of wins, including the one at the Targa Florio with Vaccarella and Hezemans. This magnificent car is on display at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese - La Macchina del Tempo, and this year it was returned to running order to participate in the world-famous parade at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, one of the most important international motorsport events. Fiat 525 SS (1929) The Fiat 525SS, a fast, luxurious sports convertible built between 1929 and 1931, was designed by Mario Revelli di Beaumont and shaped by the panel-beaters of Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat. The model is derived from the Fiat 525, especially the mechanics, with rigid axle suspensions and hydraulic dampers. The engine was absolutely new: the standard version was upgraded to 3739 cc with maximum power of almost 90 HP, giving the car a top speed of 120 Km/h. The code "SS" is an abbreviation of "Supercompressed", referring to the engine, of course. The model was built at the Lingotto from 1929 to 1931, and performed with distinction in various races, especially the "Coppa delle Alpi" and "Coppa delle Venezie". At the end of a meticulous mechanical restoration project, this year the 525 SS took part in the twenty-second edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag and was displayed, hors concours, at the Concorso di Eleganza per Automobili Parco del Valentino. The car, one of just four still in existence worldwide, is normally on show at the Centro Storico Fiat in Turin. Lancia Aprilia (1937) The Aprilia, introduced in 1936, was the spiritual legacy of Vincenzo Lancia, who had passed away a few months before the commercial launch of the car. With a unitised body integrated with the chassis without B-pillar, the appearance of the car was truly innovative, standing out among the sedans of its day for its particularly aerodynamic line and light weight, securing a top speed of about 130 km/h with good fuel efficiency at the same time. The narrow-V4 with hemispherical combustion chambers contributed to achieving this result. In addition to telescopic independent front suspensions, by now traditional on Lancia, the car fitted independent suspensions also on the rear axle. The car displayed, which is from the FCA Heritage Collection, was completely restored to take part in this year's 90th edition of the Mille Miglia, the historic evocation which Enzo Ferrari described as "the world's finest travelling museum". Lancia Aprilia (1946) In 1939, two years after the launch of the Aprilia and after about 9000 of the cars had been built, Lancia introduced the second series. The main upgrades related to the engine - with a slightly reduced V, displacement increased from 1352 to 1486 cc and more elastic response - and the mechanics in general, with improvements to the braking system. In spite of its increased weight, the Aprilia second series enjoyed higher torque at low rpm which provided a quieter ride and made the car more fun to drive. Stylistically, the second series featured a slightly curved radiator grille, contrasting with the straight design used on first series cars. This car was acquired by the FCA Heritage Collection in October 2017, and during the next few months it will undergo painstaking restoration to re-establish its timeless beauty. Current production Alfa Romeo 4C Spider The captivating Alfa Romeo 4C is the Brand's modern icon, which represents the sports soul written into the Alfa Romeo DNA: optimum performance and excellent engineering designed for ultimate pleasure to drive in breathtaking style. The car is fitted with the powerful all-aluminium direct injection 1,750 cc turbocharged engine with dual-core intercooler which ensures performances that can be compared to those of a supercar: a maximum speed of 257 km/h, 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, 1.1 g of lateral acceleration and 1.25 g of maximum deceleration when braking. The supercar personality of this vehicle can also be glimpsed in the ultra-lightweight materials used: carbon fibre for the monocoque, aluminium for the front and rear frames and SMC (Sheet Moulded Compound) for the outer body. Abarth 124 spider A direct time-line links the 1970s Fiat 124 Abarth Rally on show in Olio Fiat livery at Padua to the new Abarth 124 Spider, which combines the joy of a Spider with the thrill of an Abarth. Developed by the Abarth Racing team, the car perfectly embodies the leading values of the brand: performance, craftsmanship and technical excellence. Standard equipment on Abarth 124 Spider includes mechanical self-locking differential, typically found on premium sports cars. The weights are concentrated between the axles, the 1.4-litre, 170 HP four cylinder turbo engine is installed behind the front axle, and the ratio between the weight - just 1060 kg, carefully distributed - and the power is the best in its category. Turin, 20 October 2017
  6. The new Mopar EMEA fan page goes on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MoparEMEA The new Mopar EMEA Facebook page (link), a virtual space where enthusiasts of the brand can meet under the sign of authentic shared values, such as trust, dedication, innovation and sustainability, goes live. These values are the pillars of the project hosted on the most famous social media platform of the world. Well worth noting is that over one million one hundred thousand users already actively follow the Mopar® Facebook page. Mopar fans now have a new social media address where they can discover images, videos and news about the products and services offered by the brand which boasts a well-distributed presence in over 150 countries and an extraordinary range of products and services, in addition to a wide range of accessories, genuine spare parts and service contracts, including efficient multilingual Customer Care. All this helps ensure impeccable care for both vehicle and driver, guaranteeing quality and safety in original products, made by the very people who designed and built the vehicles themselves. This makes Mopar the ideal trusted partner for all FCA vehicle owners. Available in English, on the new Mopar EMEA Facebook page users can dialogue with other fans worldwide and share their enthusiasm for aftersales products and services. Information, news and promotions will be added to the fan page over time. Furthermore, some posts will link users to other FCA brand social media pages, creating a beneficial cycle among users of all areas of the Group, perfectly in harmony with the "At your service" concept that characterises the new Mopar communication and reasserts the customer-centred focus of all its products and services. The new Facebook page confirms the intention of Mopar to make its customers' digital experience more engaging, while offering them faster, more comprehensive services which are in line with the most recent new technologies. A demonstration of this is the new Mopar institutional website (http://www.mopar.eu), innovative tools such as Online Booking for fixing appointments at authorised workshops directly on the web and the private areas ("myAlfaRomeo", "myFiat", "myFiatProfessional", "myJeep", "myLancia" and "myAbarth") which can be reached from the FCA brand websites dedicated to owners and users. The strategy of Mopar to improve and make the motoring experience unique now extends to social media, offering a new channel for effectively providing answers to diverse needs and requirements. Turin, 19 October 2017
  7. Vasea30

    Jeep news

    Jeep® and Mopar® Brands star at 4x4 Fest 2017: Jeep® and Mopar joined forces for Italy's premier off-roading event.4x4 Fest offered three days of off-roading thrills and the chance to test drive the full Jeep range, including the new Jeep Compass. Capable Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with high performance Mopar® One Pack was on display. Jeep® and Mopar brands were among the star attractions at the 17th annual '4x4 Fest' - Italy's premier four-wheel drive and off-roading event - that took place in Carrara last weekend (October 13-15). The event, which attracted thousands of industry professionals and off-roading enthusiasts, showcased the latest 4x4 innovations and gave visitors the chance to test drive the latest models and purchase spare parts and genuine accessories. Over 33,000 visitors reached Carrara, many of whom were newcomers to the event. The exhibition spanned across 52,000 square metres and involved over 200 brands. Approximately 3,700 test drives took place during three days of off-road driving - establishing a new record for the '4x4 Fest'. As official sponsor of the event for the fifth consecutive year, the Jeep stand was undoubtedly one of this year's biggest attractions and celebrated the brand's incredible 76-year history, during which it has become the byword for off-roading and synonymous with the spirit of adventure and freedom. An area dedicated to the rich 80-year history of Mopar - Jeep's official service partner that provides FCA customers throughout their motoring experience with technical services and support for all their performance, safety or customisation related needs - also proved a huge draw with the crowds. Visitors were able to test drive the entire Jeep range on a specially created off-road course designed to showcase the models' legendary all-terrain capability. This included the iconic Wrangler, the Grand Cherokee -the brand's flagship and the most awarded SUV ever - the Cherokee mid-size SUV faithful to the Jeep tradition and sporting a cutting-edge design and the Renegade small SUV with class-leading off-road capability. The undisputed star of the event though was the new Compass, the most recent addition to the brand's line-up, which combines Jeep's legendary off-road capability and distinctive modern styling with user-friendly technology for connectivity and safety. Finally, a stand dedicated to JOG (Jeep Owners Group), the one and only official club for Jeep owners and enthusiasts, was also present at "4x4 Fest 2017" offering to visitors the possibility to buy the official Jeep Owners Group merchandise. The Mopar area showcased a Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon kitted out with the high-performance, factory-fitted Mopar® One Pack. The vehicle is designed to tackle even the toughest off-road challenges with confidence and is 100% street legal. It features a two-inch 'Fox Performance' lift kit, steering stabiliser bar, 17 x 8.5-inch Performance Gladiator black alloy rims, 32-inch oversized tyres, front and rear splash guards, front and rear additional flares and black fuel cap. Mopar® One Pack is the result of an innovative industrial process which allows assembly of the accessories directly at the production plant for the first time in the EMEA Region. Turin, 16 October 2017
  8. Welcome return for the Italian FCA Business Days for freelancers and small businesses: A month of exclusive opportunities from FCA in association with FCA Band and Leasys for Business customers, ending on 31 October. As well as the best package available, all Business customers will receive an Amazon.it gift voucher worth up to 1,000 Euro, not to mention additional, specific offers for purchase and rental Until 31 October, the FCA network in Italy features a return of the exclusive offer for Business customers. This is a truly unique opportunity: special initiatives for the world of freelancers and firms that combine the best package available with a free gift for their leisure time. The Business Days are the ideal time for choosing FCA. Until the end of the month, Business customers purchasing or renting an FCA Group vehicle will receive an Amazon.it gift voucher worth up to 1,000 Euro, spendable on any product category and at the times of choice (single purchase or smaller amounts spread over time). There are two formulae for entering the FCA world and accessing this opportunity, both developed to provide a complete response, covering both customers who decide to purchase their cars and those who prefer an FCA rental package: "Be-Lease Business Days", the first fixed-instalment purchase formula with insurance included "Be Free Pro Business Days", the no-worries formula for freelancers which enables them to access an FCA Group vehicle without eating into their capital. The Business Days are a genuine response to the demands of a clientele which is becoming increasingly aware and demanding in terms of mobility. They represent a new way of communicating with business clientele, with an offering tailored to satisfy both mobility needs and the personal wish-list every customer - including every business customer - has. FCA fits the bill for your business, and your wish-list too. And customers in this category have already shown their appreciation of FCA's attention to their demands, especially in terms of products and projects such as the specific Business trims for FCA range vehicles, created for example on Tipo, Giulia, Stelvio, Renegade and Compass, and a strategy targeted to meet the needs of those who use their car for their work. Turin, 10 October 2017
  9. After the successful italian debut, FCA bank’s online savings product arrives in Germany In the wake of the success obtained in Italy, FCA Bank now arrives in Germany with the new online savings product Festgeld Festgeld (i.e. fixed term deposit) is the new online savings product for the German market by FCA Bank which, with its significant experience in automotive finance, has evolved into a new digital bank. A forward-looking organisation, the captive bank of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole has taken a further step in its strategy of business diversification, in line with the company's tradition in the development of retail savings. An entirely online savings product, which has been awarded an A3 rating (Deposits L/T) by Moody's, the highest level of the Italian Banking System. "With FCA Bank you get more value for your savings /Bei der FCA Bank sind Ihre Ersparnisse mehr wert", is Festgeld's new online campaign claim, a product that offers competitive terms and among the most profitable returns on the market, with just a few clicks. You can choose the investment formula that best suits your needs and increase your return. Subscribing Festgeld: 1.05% annual fixed interest rate, for 24 months and no opening, early-withdrawal or closing charges. FCA Bank also rewards the choice of Customers who purchase an FCA Group vehicle with an FCA Bank Deutschland financing or leasing product, with an annual fixed interest rate of 2%, for 36 months, with Festgeld Plus.* FESTGELD PLUS* is an offer dedicated to Customers who have an active finance or leasing contract with FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH at the time of signing the contract. Turin, 10th October 2017
  10. Alfa Romeo at the 2018 Mille Miglia Next year there will be the 36th enactment of the "most beautiful race in the world", as Enzo Ferrari liked to call it. An unmissable event that Alfa Romeo will attend as both Automotive Sponsor and "guest of honour", as the 2018 edition coincides with the 90th anniversary of its first victory in the legendary race that took place from 1927 to 1957. In fact, on April 1 1928, Giuseppe Campari and Giulio Ramponi reached the top step of the podium with the 6C 1500 Super Sport, one of Vittorio Jano's masterpieces, which dominated because its revolutionary mechanical architecture with a fixed supercharged head. The extraordinary car raced the 1,618 km of track at a remarkable average speed of 84 km/h, to obtain the first of Alfa Romeo's 11 successes from 1932 to 1938, 7 of which were consecutive: a record that will never be beaten. The brand will celebrate this extraordinary anniversary with a series of special promotions. In addition, some valuable vintage cars from the collection of FCA Heritage, the group department dedicated to protecting and promoting the historical heritage of the Italian FCA brands, will be presented at the event in Brescia. And alongside these rarities, 30 examples made available by the organisation will parade as the official cars of Mille Miglia 2018, including the Giulia and Stelvio. It is the best demonstration of the strength of the common thread that binds the cars of the past with those being made today. In fact, admirers of the vintage cars created by the sporting legend Alfa Romeo, can help understand how the tough testing field of racing has shaped the invaluable heritage of style and engineering that led up to today's cars. Among these, there is the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, which a few days ago was crowned "fastest SUV in the world" at the famous Nürburgring circuit, setting a new record for the category: 7 minutes and 51.7 seconds, improving on the previous record in the SUV class by eight seconds. Last year, on the same track, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio achieved a record in the four-door sedan category, with a time of 7 minutes and 32 seconds. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio will be on sale soon. The Alfa Romeo legend continues with these two records that mark yet another milestone in the sporting tradition of the Quadrifoglio and the multi-centennial history of the Italian brand. Turin, 9 October 2017
  11. Fiat Professional at “Il Salone del Camper 2017” in Parma The unstoppable Ducato 4x4, the new development in the undisputed leader in the Recreational Vehicle sector, is here. The star of the event is the Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 Show Vehicle, intended for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who also want the best technological contents. The Fiat Professional stand also features Talento, in Camper Show Vehicle version, and Fullback Cross, ideal for outdoor activities. Sales on the European Camper market have risen in 2017, with major growth in camper-vans. "Il Salone del Camper 2017", Italy's biggest caravanning exhibition, is held in Parma from 9 to 17 September, with Fiat Professional playing a key role, reflecting its leadership in the recreational vehicle conversion sector. Every year, this international event, held at Parma's innovative exhibition centre, attracts not only producers and professionals but many outdoor tourism enthusiasts and those curious to know more. The supreme star is the Ducato model, the ideal camper base for all motor-home lovers, as well as undisputed leader on the European markets, chosen as "best motorhome base of the year" by readers of Promobil specialist magazine for the tenth time. The Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 Show Vehicle makes its Italian debut at the event. Built on the four-wheel drive variant, this vehicle opens out new horizons for active holidays and once again underlines the Fiat Professional brand's special flair for anticipating the latest trends in a constantly growing sector. More and more enthusiasts are viewing their recreational vehicles not just as a practical solution, but also as an expression of their personal lifestyles, lived off the beaten track. Also highlighted is another show vehicle, based on Talento, an excellent alternative for those in search of a more compact, agile camper-van. Specifically addressing the motorsport world, this vehicle is an on-road version with lower suspension and various racing details, intended for use as a paddock vehicle, for transporting motorbikes and as a rest area. What's more, visitors to "Il Salone del Camper 2017" in Parma will enjoy a close look at the new Fullback Cross pickup, ideal for outdoor activities with its four-wheel drive and roomy 5-seater cab, and a first-hand view of the technologies incorporated in a camper built on a Ducato base, thanks to a chassis cab version on display on the stand. Although few in number, the vehicles on display at the Parma show effectively exhibit Fiat Professional's vast expertise and talent for offering innovative solutions to this sector's needs. For example, to respond to the demand for smaller, more versatile vehicles, the brand offers Talento, in a segment below Ducato in terms of size. For camper-van lovers in search of genuine adventure, the new Ducato 4x4, with its four-wheel drive, provides the freedom to seek out fresh, extraordinary experiences. It should be remembered that the camper-van is increasingly becoming a lifestyle enabler: not just a vehicle for use on holidays, but a means to freedom, for users to go wherever they want, whenever they want. A few figures confirm the widespread return to nature and the "outdoor life", as people reinforce their bond with the environment. In fact, in 2017, the European camper market is projected to total more than 105,000 units, an increase of 10 percent with respect to the previous year, which already recorded significant growth. This means that the market has taken off again after the global slump which began in 2009, recording a 60 percent increase in sales since that time. A large share of this increase is thanks to the camper-van category, i.e. the segment of recreational vehicles built on a van base, which accounts for about 30 percent of the market. Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017: even more multi-faceted with four-wheel drive After its recent debut at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2017, today the Italian public has the first chance to see the Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017, the ideal solution for those in search of the utmost freedom, and for lovers of exploration tourism, or unconventional adventures. Based on the new 4x4 version of Ducato, the special Show CamperVan on display in Parma has been created for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who also want the best technological contents. The Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 show vehicle has a four-wheel drive and all-terrain base which extends the potential for motorhome travel. The four-wheel drive is permanent, with two transfer cases and an automatically operated central viscous coupling. This device ensures the optimal drive torque split between the front and rear wheels, optimising traction on mud, snow and sand. The driveline is set to one side so that it takes up less room underneath the chassis and does not restrict the ease of outfitting, one of the Ducato recreational vehicle's key plus factors. The new 4x4 traction system is also integrated with the Ducato safety systems, specifically ESC (electronic stability control). This enables Ducato 4x4 to ensure excellent road-holding even when loaded to full capacity, as frequently happens with camper vans. The new 4x4 range, which includes all Ducato versions (not just vans but also trucks, in all the many versions available in the normal 4x2 range) perfectly expresses the Fiat Professional Brand's ability to perceive, anticipate and satisfy the market's evolving needs, nourished by skills acquired over almost a century in the sector. It was during the 1920s that the concept of the recreational vehicle first appeared, when cars ceased to be exclusively elite products as vehicle ownership started to spread through society. At the same time, a few daring outdoor tourism pioneers had the idea of using a car not just as a means of transport, but also as a multi-purpose leisure vehicle. Fiat was already in business and ready to satisfy this new, ambitious demand, with a range of cars and light commercial vehicles to provide the basis for the first, futuristic conversions. The real revolution in the demand for vehicles designed for camping came in the late Sixties: this type of tourism became especially popular with young people, and the Fiat brand was quick to respond to the growing demand with the presentation, in 1967, of the 238, the vehicle which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. It load capacity was outstanding by the standards of the time and, above all, it had an "everything forward" architecture, with front engine and front-wheel drive, ideal for recreational vehicle conversions since it left plenty of space behind the cab for the living area. Working with that aim, continued through its many subsequent and ever more sophisticated developments, up to and including the introduction of 4x4, today the Fiat Professional brand can express its background to the full by identifying the new opportunities offered by an increasingly fast-growing market. Fiat has always made customer-orientation its mission, never more so than in the 2006 generation of the Ducato, the first model to be technically developed from the outside with the need of camper van transformation firmly in mind. Not an adaptation, but "naturally a camper van", with all the strength of its in-depth experience. But the Fiat Professional approach reaches far beyond the product itself. Camper van owners have specific needs, satisfied and supported through a range of services constantly extended year-by-year to respond to every customer's requirements. Turin, 8 September 2017
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    08/09/2017 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT star of Gran Premio Nuvolari 2017 FCA Heritage, the department devoted to protecting and promoting the history of the Italian FCA brands, is at the 27th edition of the regularity rally with a Lancia Aurelia B20 GT certified by Lancia Classiche: a homage to the first edition of the GP won by the Lancia D24 in 1954 Gran Premio Nuvolari 2017, the famous international regularity event reserved to vintage cars made between 1919 and 1972, which pays homage to Tazio Nuvolari, the unforgotten "Flying Mantuan", will be staged from September 15 to 17. Starting and finishing in Mantua - the home city of the great driver - as usual, the first leg of new route of the 2017 edition will reach the Adriatic Coast after crossing the Po Valley and the Apennines. The second leg will start in Rimini and lace scenic Tuscany, Umbria and Marche before heading back to Rimini. Finally, the third leg will lead from the Adriatic Sea back to Mantua through the cities of Emilia Romagna. It is a 1000 kilometre itinerary through famous Italian landscapes and a blend of history, motoring enthusiasm, tradition and one-of-a-kind hospitality. Organised by Mantova Corse, with the collaboration of Automobile Club Mantova and the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, the competition will see hundreds of classic cars on the starting line. Among the rarities this year will be the remarkable Lancia Aurelia B20 GT from the collection of FCA Heritage, the organisation which coordinates all the activities of the company on the classic motoring scene. The car will be driven by FCA Heritage manager Roberto Giolito with Daniele Audetto, former Lancia and Ferrari MD, as co-driver. This is a link to Cesare Fiorio, who was also MD of the two brands and drove the Aurelia B20 GT at the Mille Miglia in 2015. Its presence of the sporty car which was the emblem of Lancia racing in the 1950s is proof of the dedication of the people of the Officine Classiche Lancia and their services aimed at adding value and enhancing the uniqueness of each and every classic Lancia. At the Officine Classiche in Torino, a team of professionals takes personal care of each car certifying its authenticity. The classic Lancia cars which pass all the tests receive a "Certificate of Authenticity" and a certification plate. Only in this way, each vintage Lancia can boast added value that certifies the enthusiasm and dedication of its owner. Lancia Aurelia B20 GT The good results achieved by the Lancia Aurelia B20 coupé at its racing debut in 1951 came at a time of great motorsports success for Lancia, which had started the year with the class victory of the new Aurelia B21 in the Giro di Sicilia. The GT cars specially prepared for racing were equipped with the two-litre engine of the B21 with power boosted from 75 to 90 HP. They had a top speed of 175 km/h. The race chosen for the new car's debut was the 1951 Mille Miglia, in which Lancia entered four virtually standard-production B20 GT 2000s. The car driven by Bracco/Maglioli finished a very encouraging second overall behind Villoresi's Ferrari 4500. The excellent performance was reasserted by the good finishes of the other three cars, in fifth, seventh and seventeenth positions. In June 1951, Bracco's B20 won its class and finished twelfth overall in the Le Mans 24 Hours. Also in 1951, B20 cars won the Pescara "6 Hours" and the Coppa delle Dolomiti. The two-litre B20 repeated its racing success at the Mille Miglia the following year, with a third place overall and four cars finishing in the first ten: wonderful publicity, especially in view of how little was spent on prepping the cars, which earned the Aurelia the fame of a production car which was so efficient and safe that it could even be successfully used in races. Not just Lancia: the www.fcaheritage.com website is dedicated to the history of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth as well. The portal is the online showcase of the newly established FCA Heritage department and the go-to place for everyone interested in the history, events and activities revolving around the classic cars of the Italian brands of the group. On the website, enthusiasts can sign up for the FCA Heritage Newsletter to remain up-to-date on the activities and services made available for the various brands of the group. Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia classic car owners can request "Certificates of Origin" for their cars. Torino, 8 September 2017
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    Jeep news

    Jeep® Compass attains maximum five-star EuroNCAP rating: Award highlights the safety-enhancing technological advancements of the iconic brand's latest model. Availability of more than 70 safety systems and high-strength 'safety cage' contribute to award. Five-star rating comes at a time when the EuroNCAP test is more stringent than ever. The new Jeep® Compass has attained the maximum five-star EuroNCAP rating, the manufacturer's latest model incorporating the latest technology from the iconic brand, scored positive ratings in all categories - including adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and driving assistance safety systems. The result is even more significant considering that it meets the 2017 severe, ever increasing EuroNCAP standards, underscoring how the Jeep Compass has been developed with safety and protection at its heart. The new compact SUV combines the brand's legendary off-road capability with user-friendly technology and a full array of driving assistance systems - all wrapped up in a distinctive modern design. Making a major contribution to the Jeep Compass's maximum five-star rating are the effectiveness of its 'safety cage' - 65% of which is constructed of high-strength steel - which ensures very high torsional strength and enhanced occupant protection, plus the availability of more than 70 active and passive safety systems that set the new standard in the Jeep range. Safety systems fitted as standard on the new Compass range available in Europe include active driving assistance systems, such as Forward Collision Warning-Plus and Lane Sense Departure Warning-Plus, which combine radar and video camera technology to recognise potential collisions and prevent impact by alerting the driver with audible, visual and tactile warnings. Plus, under certain conditions, these systems use the electronic steering (EPS) to assist the driver. Jeep Compass also features additional safety systems, available either as standard or optional depending on the version, specifically designed to assist with motorway driving. Among these is Adaptive Cruise Control - which maintains distance from the vehicle ahead and in certain circumstances, can bring the vehicle to a full stop without driver intervention; and Blind-spot Monitoring (available in the parking pack), which aids the driver when changing lane and notifies of vehicles in their blind spot via illuminated icons on the side-view mirror and with a driver-selected audible chime. The safety equipment offering available on new Compass also includes specific systems to assist with parking maneuvers, such as Rear Cross Path detection which notifies drivers backing out of parking spaces of vehicles crossing behind via illuminated icons on the side-view mirror and with a driver-selected audible chime. All these systems complement the 'five-star' standard safety and security features of the Compass range for the European market that also include six airbags (frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger, side curtain airbags for all rows and side airbags on the front seats) and ESC (electronic stability control) with ERM (electronic rollover mitigation). Turin, 6 September 2017
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    Jeep Compass Takes Centre Stage with The Rolling Stones: Jeep® is Official Sponsor of the 2017 'Rolling Stones - No Filter' European tour from September 9 to October 25. New Jeep Compass will guest star on a special stage at all tour venues. Digital and musical activities will allow fans to express their free spirit in true Jeep style. Customers can win tickets by booking a Jeep Compass test drive Two enduring cultural icons will join forces for the second time starting this month as Jeep sponsors the iconic rock band the Rolling Stones' new European tour. Both legends in their respective fields, the pair will team up for the high energy 'Rolling Stones - No Filter' 2017 tour that will take in 14 concerts across the Continent between September 9 and October 25. It's the second time Jeep has partnered with the legendary band, having previously collaborated on the hugely successful '14 On Fire' tour in 2014. The reunion celebrates the synergy between the Rolling Stones' revolutionary and lasting impact on the history of rock music and Jeep's own 76-year reputation as the most authentic expression of motoring freedom and adventure. Guest star of the 'Rolling Stones - No Filter' tour will be the new Jeep Compass - the most recent addition to the Jeep line-up, which combines the legendary off-road capabilities of the brand with user-friendly connectivity and safety technology and a distinctive and modern style. A Jeep Compass stage outside each venue will give Stones fans a thrilling brand experience, built around the 'Recalculating' theme of the Compass ad campaign, where they can turn themselves into rock stars to the band's tunes playing through the speakers of a Jeep Compass. The most talented will be invited to play the instruments available on the Compass stage and at the end of their performance they will be able to autograph the backstage board. Photos can be taken and shared on social networks using the official hashtags #recalculating, #jeepcompass, #jeep and #stonesnofilter. Customers who took the new Compass for a test drive in August and September will be entered automatically in a drawn to win tickets for the shows in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Turin, September 5th 2017
  15. Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Ferrari Team's three Champion drivers: "la meccanica delle emozioni" in a video To mark the Italian Grand Prix, Alfa Romeo celebrates the Ferrari Racing Team with a thrilling video starring its three official drivers - Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi - on board the most powerful car the Alfa Romeo brand has ever created for on-road use: the Giulia Quadrifoglio. Conceived by the Armando Testa agency and produced by Buddy Film, the video opens with a fine aerial view of the test circuit at the Balocco (Vercelli) Testing Centre, while a suspenseful musical soundtrack sets the adrenalin-packed scenario. The Ferrari Team's drivers, each in a powerful red Giulia Quadrifoglio, take to the circuit in a thrilling pursuit that highlights all the power and agility of this amazing car, equipped with the all-aluminium 510 HP 2.9 BiTurbo petrol engine which secures extraordinary performance: top speed of 307 km/h, 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.9 seconds and peak torque of 600 Nm at 2,500 rpm. Expression of the new Alfa Romeo paradigm and the concept "la meccanica delle emozioni," the stunning Giulia Quadrifoglio is no stranger to the race track: last year it set the lap record for its category (7 minutes and 32 seconds) at the iconic Nürburgring circuit, known to enthusiasts as the "Green Hell". Turin, 2 September 2017
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